Grammar Lesson 7:

Honorific Tone

You need to speak in honorific tone when you want to show respect to someone. It's usually when the person is older than you or you haven't made acqaintance with the person yet. 

First, there are some verbs in honorific tone you need to know. 

1) 먹다 (eat) in honorific tone is 드시다 
2) 자다 (sleep) in honorific tone is 주무시다
3) 있다 (be) in honorific tone is 계시다
4) 주다 (give) in honorific tone is 드리다 
5) 묻다 (ask) in honorific tone is 여쭙다

Second, add -세요(present), -셨어요(past), -실 거에요(future) after the verb. 

1) 드시다 (eat) -> 드세요, 드셨어요, 드실 거예요 
2) 주무시다 (sleep) -> 주무세요, 주무셨어요, 주무실 거예요 
3) 계시다 (be) -> 계세요, 계셨어요, 계실 거예요
Other verbs 
4) 가다 (go) -> 가세요, 가셨어요, 가실 거예요
5) 하다 (do) -> 하세요, 하셨어요, 하실 거예요 


A: 안녕하세요! 잘 지내셨어요? Hello! Have you been well?
B: 네, 잘 지냈어요. 잘 지내셨어요? Yes, I've been well. Have you been well?
A: 네. 어디 가세요? Yes. Where are you going? 
B: 집에 가요. I'm going home. 
A: 식사하셨어요? Did you eat?
B: 아니요. 이제 집에 가서 먹으려고요. No. I'm going to eat at home.

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