Grammar Lesson 18:

How to say "because"

There are many ways to say "because":

1. 서 
The most used one. 
1) 제가 어제 이빨이 아파서 잠을 못 잤어요. Because my tooth hurt yesterday, I couldn't sleep. 
2) 너무 맛있어서 두 개 먹었어요. Because it's so delicious, I ate two of them. 

2. 니까 
Only for things that the listener knows already or things that are obvious to everyone.
1) 밖이 너무 추우니까 두껍게 입고 나가세요. Because it's cold outside, bundle up. 
2) 애들이 있으니까 쇼핑 가는게 힘들어요. Becuase I have kids, it's hard to go shopping. 

*Here, I want to compare the two.
내일 엄마 생일이니까 선물을 사야 돼요. You can only say this one if the listener knows that it's your mom's birthday tomorrow. If not, you have to say this sentence.
내일 엄마 생일이라 선물을 사야 돼요. 

3. 가지고 
This is a casual tone. 
1) 너무 귀여워 가지고 볼 꼬집고 싶다. Because she's so cute, I want to pinch her cheeks. 
2) 제가 점심에 너무 많이 먹어 가지고 아직도 배불러요. Because I ate so much for lunch, I'm still full.

4. -은 바람에
This is used when you blame something or someone
1) 갑자기 애들이 전화하는 바람에 치과에 늦었어요. Because my kids called suddenly, I was late for my dental appointment. 
2) 출근 시간에 출발하는 바람에 차가 너무 막혔어요. Because we left during the rush hour, we got stuck in traffic.

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