Grammar Lesson 11:

How to say "not"

There are two ways to make a negative sentence in Korean. 
One is with using "안" and the other is with using "지 않아요."

Using "안" is simpler, so "안" is more used in daily lives. 

1. I didn't have dinner. 
저녁 먹었어요.
저녁 먹지 않았어요. 

2. I am not going to school today. 
오늘 학교에 가요. 
오늘 학교에 가지 않아요. 

3. I didn't call my friend. 
친구한테 전화 했어요. 
친구한테 전화하지 않았어요. 

*Make sure you put "안" in the middle of 해요-verbs like the number 3 example above.

청소해요 -> 청소 안 해요
공부해요 -> 공부 안 해요

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