Italian Word: molto
Feminine: molta
Plural: molti
Plural (Feminine): molte
English Meaning: 1. much 2. very 3. many 4. long (duration)
German Meaning: viel

Example Sentences:

Mio padre mi manca molto.
I miss my father very much.
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In Australia ci sono molti ragni velenosi.
Australia has many venomous spiders.
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Il Pakistan è un paese molto religioso.
Pakistan is a very religious country.
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La sifilide è una malattia molto pericolosa ma può essere curata con la penicillina.
Syphilis is a very dangerous disease but can be cured with penicillin.
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La pena di morte è ancora in vigore in molti paesi.
The death penalty is still in use in many countries.
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La conosco appena, ma sembra molto gentile.
I hardly know her, but she seems very nice.
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Il latino è insegnato in molte scuole ma non lo usa quasi nessuno.
Latin is still taught in many schools but almost nobody uses it.
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