Italian Word: lei
English Meaning: 1. she 2. you (polite) 3. her (pronoun)
German Meaning: sie

Example Sentences:

Lei ha finito di studiare a venticinque anni.
She finished her studies at the age of twenty-five.
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Nonostante i medici non nutrissero più speranze per lei, migliorò e fu dimessa dall'ospedale.
Although the doctors held out no hope of her recovery, she got better and was discharged from the hospital.
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Lei canta in un coro una volta alla settimana.
She sings in a choir once a week.
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Ogni anno lei mette dei fiori sulla tomba del marito.
Every year she puts flowers on the grave of her husband.
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Egli la ringraziò per il suo aiuto. "Prego" disse lei.
He thanked her for her help. "You are welcome", she said.
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Puoi contare su di lei.
You can rely on her.
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Lei lavora in un asilo.
She works in a kindergarten.
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