Italian Word: certo
Feminine: certa
Plural: certi
Plural (Feminine): certe
English Meaning: certain
German Meaning: bestimmt, gewiss

Example Sentences:

Certe parole italiane sono difficili da pronunciare per gli inglesi.
Some Italian words are hard to pronounce for the English.
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Mi piacerebbe proprio sapere cosa ti passa per la testa certe volte!
I'd really like to know what's on your mind sometimes!
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Non capisco l'ansia di certa gente di stare al passo con la moda.
I don't understand some people's anxiety in following the latest fashion.
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Sono certo che passerà l'esame.
I'm certain that he will pass the test.
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È difficile liberarsi di certe brutte abitudini.
Some bad habits are hard to break.
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È impossibile domare certi animali.
Some animals can't be tamed.
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