Italian Word: mare m.
Plural: mari
English Meaning: sea
German Meaning: Meer
Spanish Meaning: el mar
French Meaning: mer

Word Forms: mar

Example Sentences:

Il mare della Calabria è sorprendentemente blu.
The sea of Calabria is amazingly blue.
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In estate vado al mare.
During the summer I go to the seaside.
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Adoro passeggiare in riva al mare.
I love walking on the seashore.
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Il pescatore gettò la rete in mare.
The fisherman cast his net into the sea.
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Ha rischiato di annegare nel mare mosso.
He almost drowned in the rough sea.
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Domani possiamo andare al mare, se non piove.
We can go to the seaside tomorrow if it doesn't rain.
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Nel Mar Morto riescono a vivere solo organismi semplici.
Only simple organisms can live in the Dead Sea.
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