Italian Word: ora f.
Plural: ore
English Meaning: 1. hour 2. time (e.g. it's time to do sth)
German Meaning: 1. jetzt 2. Stunde
Spanish Meaning: ahora
French Meaning: maintenant

Example Sentences:

È a circa tre ore di aereo da Hong Kong.
It is about three hours by plane from Hong Kong
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Rallenta, stai andando quasi a novanta all'ora!
Slow down, you're going almost 90 mph!
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Sono arrivato con mezz'ora di ritardo al mio matrimonio!
I was thirty minutes late for my wedding!
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Ha ripreso conoscenza due ore dopo l'incidente.
He regained consciousness 2 hours after the accident.
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L'aereo è decollato con mezz'ora di ritardo.
The plane took off half an hour late.
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Stanotte ho dormito solo 5 ore.
I only slept five hours last night.
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Il volo era in ritardo di un'ora.
The flight was one hour late.
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