Italian Word: caldo
Feminine: calda
Plural: caldi
Plural (Feminine): calde
English Meaning: hot, warm
German Meaning: heiß, warm

Word Forms: caldissimo

Example Sentences:

In questa stanza fa troppo caldo, non riesco nemmeno a respirare.
It's too hot in this room, I can't even breathe.
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Miele, limone e acqua calda sono un ottimo rimedio per il mal di gola.
Honey, lemon and hot water are a great remedy for a sore throat.
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Ci sono molte zanzare a causa del caldo.
Because of the heat, there are a lot of mosquitoes.
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Con questo caldo è importante bere molta acqua.
During this heat it's important to drink a lot of water.
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Nel sud di Taiwan fa molto più caldo che al nord.
In the South of Taiwan it's much hotter than it is in the North.
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Qui fa caldo tutto l'anno.
It is hot here all year round.
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Quando ho mal di pancia, mi preparo sempre una borsa di acqua calda.
When I've got stomach ache, I always make myself a hot water bottle.
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