Italian Word: erano
English Meaning: (third-person plural imperfect indicative of essere)

Example Sentences:

Quella domenica mattina al parco c'erano centinaia di coccinelle.
There were hundreds of ladybirds in the park that Sunday morning.
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Gli abiti delle due sorelle erano bellissimi.
The two sisters' dresses were beautiful.
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I suoi genitori e anche la sua ex-moglie erano al matrimonio.
His parents and even his ex-wife were at the wedding.
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I ribelli erano armati fino ai denti.
The rebels were armed to the teeth.
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Durante il XIII secolo gli orsi ballerini erano diffusi in tutta Europa.
All of Europe had dancing bears during the 13th century.
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Non erano usciti per 3 giorni.
They had not gone out for 3 days.
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Alcuni dettagli nella sua domanda erano inventati.
Some details in his application were made-up.
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