Italian Word: pericoloso
Feminine: pericolosa
Plural: pericolosi
Plural (Feminine): pericolose
English Meaning: dangerous
German Meaning: gefährlich
Spanish Meaning: peligroso, peligrosa
French Meaning: dangereux, dangereuse

Example Sentences:

La sifilide è una malattia molto pericolosa ma può essere curata con la penicillina.
Syphilis is a very dangerous disease but it can be cured through penicillin.
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Sei davvero sicuro di voler imbarcarti in un viaggio così lungo e pericoloso?
Are you really sure you want to embark on such a long and dangerous journey?
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La marea è pericolosa qui?
Is the tide dangerous here?
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Il quartiere a luci rosse è pericoloso di notte. Fa attenzione!
The red-light district is dangerous at night. Be careful!
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Non buttarti in acqua - è pericoloso.
Don't jump into the water - it's dangerous.
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Tuffarsi dagli scogli è pericoloso.
Cliff diving is dangerous.
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È pericoloso. Stai attento!
It's dangerous. Please be careful!
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