Italian Word: sorella f.
Plural: sorelle
English Meaning: sister (sibling)
German Meaning: Schwester
Spanish Meaning: la hermana
French Meaning: sœur

Example Sentences:

Ho due sorelle e un fratello.
I've got two sisters and a brother.
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Io e mia sorella abbiamo un rapporto di amore e odio.
My sister and I have a love-hate relationship.
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Mia sorella vuole piantare delle rose gialle.
My sister wants to plant yellow roses.
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Martina piange la morte di sua sorella.
Martina mourns the death of her sister.
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Gli abiti delle due sorelle erano bellissimi.
The two sisters' dresses were beautiful.
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Siamo quattro in famiglia: io, mia sorella e i miei genitori.
There are four of us in the family: me, my sister and my parents.
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È tua sorella quella? Sì, è lei.
Is that your sister over there? Yes, that's she.
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