Italian Word: studiare
English Meaning: 1. to study, to learn 2. to examine, to analyse
German Meaning: studieren

Word Forms: studi, studia, studiato, studio

Example Sentences:

Se studi avrai buoni voti.
If you study you will get good grades.
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La classe studia in silenzio.
The class studies in silence.
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Io studio all'Università di Milano.
I study at the University of Milan.
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L'alunno studia la letteratura inglese.
The pupil studies English literature.
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Lei ha finito di studiare a venticinque anni.
She finished studying when she was twenty-five years old.
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La mia migliore amica studia ginecologia all'università.
My best friend is studying gynaecology at university.
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Detesto studiare la grammatica!
I hate to learn grammar!
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