Italian Word: solo
English Meaning: only, just

Example Sentences:

No, grazie. Sto dando solo un'occhiata.
No, thanks. I'm just browsing. (Said in a shop)
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Odio la tele! C'è solo pubblicità!
I hate TV! It's all adverts!
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Numeri primi sono quelli che si possono dividere solo per uno e per se stessi.
Prime numbers are those that can only be divided by one and themselves.
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Solo pochi colleghi hanno partecipato alla riunione.
Only a few colleagues attended the meeting.
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L'ho scoperto solo ieri.
I only found out yesterday.
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Sto solo dando un'occhiata, grazie.
I'm just looking, thank you. (in a shop)
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Stanotte ho dormito solo 5 ore.
I only slept five hours last night.
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