Italian Word: interessare
English Meaning: to interest

Word Forms: interessa, interessai, interessammo, interessando, interessano, interessante, interessarono, interessasse, interessassero, interessassi, interessassimo, interessaste, interessasti, interessate, interessato, interessava, interessavamo, interessavano, interessavate, interessavi, interessavo, interesserà, interesserai, interesseranno, interesserebbe, interesserebbero, interesserei, interesseremmo, interesseremo, interessereste, interesseresti, interesserete, interesserò, interessi, interessiamo, interessiate, interessino, interessò, interesso

Example Sentences:

Ti interessa l'arte?
Are you interested in art?
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Ti interessa comprare la mia vecchia auto?
Are you interested in buying my old car?
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È un programmatore, si interessa più di software che di hardware.
He is a programmer and more interested in software than hardware.
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Non mi interessa.
I'm not interested.
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Si interessa al buddismo.
He is interested in Buddhism.
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"In paese parlano tutti di te." "Non mi interessa!", ha risposto lei.
"In the village everyone is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Si interessa solo a se stesso.
He is only interested in himself.
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