Italian Word: anno m.
Plural: anni
English Meaning: year
German Meaning: Jahr

Example Sentences:

Mi sono trasferito sei anni fa.
I moved six years ago.
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Adam ha segnato cinquanta goal questo anno.
Adam scored fifty goals this year.
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Quei due paesi sono in guerra da anni.
Those two countries have been in a war for years.
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Mio figlio ha nove anni.
My son is nine years old.
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Mia nonna ha novantotto anni: è molto anziana.
My grandmother is ninety-eight: she is really old.
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Lei ha finito di studiare a venticinque anni.
She finished studying when she was twenty-five years old.
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L'inverno è la stagione più fredda dell'anno.
Winter is the coldest season of the year.
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