Italian Word: contenere
English Meaning: 1. to contain 2. to hold

Word Forms: contenemmo, contenendo, contenente, contenesse, contenessero, contenessi, contenessimo, conteneste, contenesti, contenete, conteneva, contenevamo, contenevano, contenevate, contenevi, contenevo, contenga, contengano, contengo, contengono, conteniamo, conteniate, contenne, contennero, contenni, contenuto, conterrà, conterrai, conterranno, conterrebbe, conterrebbero, conterrei, conterremmo, conterremo, conterreste, conterresti, conterrete, conterrò, contiene, contieni

Example Sentences:

Gli archeologi trovarono un sarcofago che conteneva una mummia ben conservata.
Archaeologists found a sarcophagus containing a well-preserved mummy.
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Questo prodotto contiene noci?
Does this product contain nuts?
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Questo fungo contiene un veleno mortale.
This mushroom contains a deadly poison.
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Un uovo al tegamino contiene 100 calorie.
One fried egg contains 100 calories.
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Questo stadio può contenere fino a 55.000 spettatori.
This stadium holds up to 55,000 spectators.
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Le patatine fritte contengono molti grassi.
French fries contain a lot of fat.
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Questo dentifricio contiene solo ingredienti naturali.
This toothpaste contains only natural ingredients.
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