Italian Word: madre f.
Plural: madri
English Meaning: mother
German Meaning: Mutter
Spanish Meaning: la madre

Example Sentences:

Mia madre è una donna sicura di sé e indipendente.
My mother is a confident and independent woman.
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La signora laggiù è la madre di Arturo.
The lady over there is Arturo's mother.
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Mia madre mi ha accompagnata all'aeroporto in auto.
My mother drove me to the airport.
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Mi manca il cibo squisito di mia madre.
I miss my mother's delicious food.
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La madre del ragazzo viene dalla Libia.
The boy's mother is from Libya.
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Mi fido solo di mia madre.
I trust only my mother.
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Che cocco di mamma! Sua madre gli fa tutto!
What a mama's boy! His mother is doing everything for him!
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