Italian Word: piatto m.
Feminine: piatta
Plural: piatti
Plural (Feminine): piatte
English Meaning: 1. flat (adj) 2. plate 3. dish (food)
German Meaning: flach

Example Sentences:

Il pollo al curry è un piatto tradizionale indiano.
Curry chicken is a traditional Indian dish.
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Posso avere la ricetta di questo piatto?
Can I have the recipe of this dish?
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È piccante questo piatto?
Is this dish spicy?
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Avete piatti vegetariani?
Do you have vegetarian dishes?
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I piatti sono nella credenza.
The plates are in the cupboard.
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Non dimenticare di lavare i piatti!
Don't forget the washing up!
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Hanno condiviso un piatto di minestra.
They shared a bowl of soup together.
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