Italian Word: stanza f.
Plural: stanze
English Meaning: 1. room 2. stanza (poetry)
German Meaning: Raum
Spanish Meaning: el cuarto
French Meaning: salle
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Example Sentences:

Vogliamo affittare una stanza in un Bed and Breakfast.
We want to rent a room in a Bed and Breakfast.
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Questa è la stanza in cui Giorgio mi ha chiesto di sposarlo.
This is the room where Giorgio proposed to me.
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In questa stanza fa troppo caldo, non riesco nemmeno a respirare.
That room is too hot, I can't even breathe.
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Ho passato tutta la mattina a riordinare la tua stanza!
I spent the whole morning tidying up your bedroom!
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Il soffitto di questa stanza è molto basso.
The ceiling in this room is very low.
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Avete stanze libere?
Are there any vacancies (vacant rooms)?
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