German Word: das Kind
Plural: Kinder
English Meaning: child, kid
Spanish Meaning: el niño

Word Forms: Kinde, Kindes

Example Sentences:

Das Kind weint.
The child is crying.
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Ich habe keine Kinder.
I don't have children.
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Kinder lernen Sprachen viel schneller als Erwachsene.
Children learn languages much faster than adults.
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Sie war ein sehr schlimmes Kind.
She was a very naughty child.
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Als er ein Kind war sammelte er leidenschaftlich Briefmarken.
When he was a child he passionately collected stamps.
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Beide Kinder gehen schon zur Schule.
Both children are already going to school.
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Kinder sollten schon früh teilen lernen.
Children should learn to share at an early age.
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