German Word: denn
English Meaning: 1. because 2. anyway 3. for 4. in as much as 5. than 6. (adverb used in a question for emphasis or to express surprise)

Example Sentences:

Was soll das denn heißen?
What is that supposed to mean?
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Muss das denn sein?
Is that really necessary?
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Worum geht es denn?
What is it about then?
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"Wie kommst du denn darauf?", fragte er überrascht.
"How did you get that idea?" he asked surprised.
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Man sieht wie sie ihre Arbeit liebt, denn sie arbeitet voller Eifer und Enthusiasmus.
You can tell she loves her job, because she works with so much zeal and enthusiasm.
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Du lieber Himmel, was ist denn hier passiert?
Oh my God, what on earth happened here?
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