German Word: der Hund
Plural: Hunde
English Meaning: dog
Spanish Meaning: el perro
Italian Meaning: cane

Word Forms: Hunden, Hundes

Example Sentences:

Der Hund jagte die Katze.
The dog was chasing the cat.
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Unser Hund bereitet uns viel Freude.
Our dog brings us a lot of joy.
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Ich glaube der Hund unseres Nachbars hat psychische Probleme - er bellt die ganze Zeit!
I think the neighbours' dog has mental health issues - he is barking all the time!
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Der Briefträger wurde vom Hund gebissen.
The postman was bitten by the dog.
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Der Hund bellt.
The dog barks.
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Ich habe einen Hund.
I have a dog.
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Der Hund nagt am Knochen.
The dog is gnawing a bone.
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