German Word: das Dorf
Plural: Dörfer
English Meaning: village
Spanish Meaning: el pueblo
Italian Meaning: villaggio

Word Forms: Dorfe, Dörfern, Dorfes

Example Sentences:

Mein Vater war Bauer, er lebte in einem Dorf in der Nähe von Köln.
My father was a farmer, he lived in a village near Cologne.
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"Im Dorf reden alle über dich." "Das ist mir egal!", sagte sie.
"In the village everyone is talking about you." "I don't care!" she said.
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Sie lebt in einem beschaulichen Dorf.
She lives in a quiet village.
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Seine Großeltern leben in einem kleinen Dorf.
His grandparents live in a small village.
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Die Mehrzahl der Bewohner dieses Dorfes ist über 60 Jahre alt.
The majority of this village's inhabitants is older than 60.
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