French Word: mourir
English Meaning: to die
German Meaning: sterben

Word Forms: meure, meurent, meures, meurs, meurt, mort, mouraient, mourais, mourait, mourant, mourez, mouriez, mourions, mourons, mourra, mourrai, mourraient, mourrais, mourrait, mourras, mourrez, mourriez, mourrions, mourrons, mourront, mourûmes, moururent, mourus, mourusse, mourussent, mourusses, mourussiez, mourussions, mourut, mourût, mourûtes

Example Sentences:

Les chiens peuvent mourir s'ils mangent du chocolat.
Dogs can die from eating chocolate.
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Il a eu peur de mourir après avoir contracté la malaria.
He feared he would die after contracting malaria.
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Le soldat a saigné à en mourir.
The soldier bled to death.
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Il a failli mourir.
He almost died.
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