French Word: en
English Meaning: 1. in 2. as 3. it 4. to 5. at 6. by 7. on 8. while
German Meaning: in, als, bei

Example Sentences:

Je suis en vacances.
I'm on holiday.
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Où partez-vous en vacances cette année ?
Where are you going on holiday this year?
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Mon anniversaire est en avril.
My birthday is in April.
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Comment tu dis ça en français?
How do you say that in French?
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Venise se trouve en Italie.
Venice is in Italy.
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Il est parti en voyage d'affaires en Chine.
He went to China for a business trip.
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Son père est venu de Pologne en 1927.
Her father came from Poland in 1927.
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