French Word: si
English Meaning: 1. if 2. yes 3. so
German Meaning: falls, wenn

Word Forms: s'

Example Sentences:

Pourquoi es-tu si triste?
Why are you so sad?
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Si je voyais un requin, je crierais !
If I saw a shark, I would scream!
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Tu vas rater ton train si nous ne partons pas maintenant.
You're going to miss your train if we don't leave now.
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Je crois que j'aurais peur si je voyais une pieuvre.
I think I would be afraid if I saw an octopus.
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J'étais si malade que j'ai dû appeler le médecin.
I got so sick that I had to call for the doctor.
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Tu dois mettre de l'argent dans le parcmètre si tu ne veux pas payer d'amende.
You must put some money in the parking meter if you don't want to get fined.
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Tu dois corriger tes erreurs si tu veux t'améliorer.
You must correct your mistakes if you want to improve.
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