English Word: go
Chinese Translation: 1. 去,到 2. 離去 3. 移動,行走 4. 配,相配,合適 5. 變成,成為 6. 嘗試,機會 7. 處於…狀態 8. 進行,結果 9. 運轉 10. 做,從事 11. 開始,開動 12. 容得下,放得下 13. 售出,歸給 14. 被刪去,被放棄,被辭退 15. 完結,去世,死亡

Word Forms: goes, going, gone, went

Example Sentences:

Let's go to the zoo.
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When was the last time you went there?
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We will go to a nearby bar later.
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We have to go to the supermarket.
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We went to the same school before.
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We went to the mountains in Austria to ski.
我們到奧地利的山上滑雪 。
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The clock is going too fast; it must be out of kilter.
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