English Word: visit
Spanish Translation: 1. visita 2. visitar

Example Sentences:

13% of the tourists visit our area.
Un 13% del turismo visita nuestra zona.
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The doctor visits his patients frequently.
El doctor visita muy a menudo a sus pacientes.
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My family will come on a visit next weekend.
Mi familia me hará una visita el próximo fin de semana.
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This summer I will visit the United Kingdom. I have a friend who lives in London.
Este verano visitaré el Reino Unido. Tengo una amiga que vive en Londres.
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In the visit to the zoo on Monday, we saw two adult badgers and a younger one.
En la visita al zoo del lunes vimos dos tejones adultos y uno pequeño.
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When we went to visit him, we took a tour on an elephant.
Cuando fuimos a visitarle nos dimos un paseo en elefante.
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If I had a car, I could visit my friends.
Si tuviera un carro, podría visitar a mis amigos.
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