English Word: see
Spanish Translation: ver

Word Forms: seen

Example Sentences:

In the South, I've seen colourful seas.
En el Sur, he visto mares llenos de color.
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Did you see my sister yesterday?
¿Viste a mi hermana ayer?
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I want to see the manager.
Quiero ver al gerente.
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I want to go to the zoo to see a lion.
Quiero ir al zoologico para ver un león.
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I couldn't see the last episode because I was working.
No pude ver el último episodio porque estaba trabajando.
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There is nothing to see on television.
No hay nada que ver en la televisión.
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You have to go to Rome to see the Coliseum. It is wonderful!
Tienes que ir a Roma para ver el Coliseo. ¡Es maravilloso!
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