English Word: his
Spanish Translation: su (masculino)

Example Sentences:

Miguel does not like his job, he would rather work for me.
A Miguel no le gusta su trabajo, él preferiría trabajar para mí.
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Flirting is one of his faults.
La coquetería es uno de sus defectos.
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The government had been in crisis for too long and in the end, the prime minister offered his resignation.
El gobierno había estado en crisis durante demasiado tiempo y al final, el primer ministro ofreció su renuncia.
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A monarch cannot extend his mandate at will.
Un monarca no puede extender su mandato a voluntad.
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I love Oscar Wilde. Especially, his theatre plays.
Me encanta Oscar Wilde. Especialmente sus obras de teatro.
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He thinks of his mother every day.
Él piensa en su madre cada día.
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The mayor announced his retirement.
El alcalde anunció su retiro.
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