English Word: think
Spanish Translation: pensar

Word Forms: thought

Example Sentences:

It's not bad. What do you think?
No está mal. ¿A ti qué te parece?
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He thinks of his mother every day.
Él piensa en su madre cada día.
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My brother thinks that he has a guardian angel.
Mi hermano piensa que tiene un ángel guardián.
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I didn't think you would be so late.
No creí que llegarías tan tarde.
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I think we've got to the bottom of things.
Creo que hemos llegado al fondo del asunto.
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It took me less time than I thought it would.
Tardé menos de lo que yo pensaba.
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I think it's fair enough that you should want to enjoy yourself.
Me parece justo que quieras divertirte.
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