Dutch Word: zij
English Meaning: 1. she 2. they
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Example Sentences:

Zij heet Marian.
Her name is Marian.
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Zij woont in een kleine stad.
She lives in a small town.
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Zij overleed gisteren, 20 uur nadat zij opgenomen was in het ziekenhuis, na een auto ongeluk.
She passed away yesterday, 20 hours after she was admitted into hospital following a car crash.
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Zij denkt dat iedereen die in God gelooft bijgelovig is.
She thinks that anybody who believes in God is superstitious.
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Zij bedroog hem met Peter.
She cheated on him with Peter.
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Zij werden schuldig bevonden.
They have been found guilty.
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Zij had heel vreemde eetgewoontes.
She had very strange eating habits.
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