Dutch Word: was
English Meaning: was

Example Sentences:

Dit was onze grootste uitdaging.
This has been our biggest challenge.
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Volgens de NOS was de vergaderzaal helemaal vol voor de toespraak van Jan-Peter Balkenende.
According to the NOS the conference hall was completely full for Mr. Balkenende's speech.
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Zij overleed gisteren, 20 uur nadat zij opgenomen was in het ziekenhuis, na een auto ongeluk.
She passed away yesterday, 20 hours after she was admitted into hospital following a car crash.
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Wat ik gedaan heb, was totaal ongepast.
What I did was totally inappropriate.
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De criminelen hadden in zijn huis ingebroken toen hij drie maanden weg was.
The criminals had broken into his house while he was away for three months.
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Dit was het hoogtepunt van het gebeuren.
This was the high point of this event.
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Het project was woensdag al klaar.
The project was already finished on Wednesday.
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