Dutch Word: beginnen
English Meaning: to start, to begin

Word Forms: begin, beginnend, begint, begon, begonnen

Example Sentences:

De lente begint in maart.
Spring starts in March.
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Morgen begin ik een nieuw leven.
Tomorrow I'll start a new life.
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Ze drinkt veel te veel. Bovendien is ze weer begonnen met roken!
She drinks far too much. In addition, she started smoking again!
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Wanneer begint de film?
When does the movie start?
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Ben je klaar om te beginnen?
Are you ready to start?
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De geboorte van het heelal begon met de oerknal.
The birth of the universe started with the big bang.
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De tv-show begint zo.
The TV show is about to start.
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