Dutch Word: liggen
English Meaning: 1. to be, to be located 2. to lie, to be lying down

Word Forms: gelegen, lag, lagen, lig, liggend, ligt

Example Sentences:

De universiteit ligt ver weg.
The university is far away.
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Het zwembad ligt precies hiernaast.
The pool is located directly next door.
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De grootste woestijn ter wereld ligt in Noord-Afrika.
The largest desert in the world is in North Africa.
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Het park ligt vijf minuten lopen van ons hotel.
The park is a five minute walk from our hotel.
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Spullen die lang op de plank liggen worden stoffig.
Items left on a shelf for a long time will gather dust.
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Ik heb mijn paraplu op kantoor laten liggen.
I have left my umbrella at the office.
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De smaakpapillen liggen op de tong.
The taste buds are located on the tongue.
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