Dutch Word: helpen
English Meaning: to help

Word Forms: geholpen, help, helpt

Example Sentences:

Kan jij mij alsjeblieft helpen?
Can you help me out please?
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Helaas heb ik geen tijd om je te helpen.
Unfortunately I don't have time to help you.
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Het is haar droom om arme mensen in Afrika te helpen.
Her dream is to help poor people in Africa.
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Kan ik U helpen?
Can I help you?
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We hadden je kunnen helpen.
We could have helped you.
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Kan je me helpen aardappelen schillen?
Can you help me peel potatoes?
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Ik wil graag helpen, maar ik moet eerst nog even iets anders doen.
I'm glad to help, but I have to do something before that.
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