Grammar Lesson 7:

Regular verbs

Before you can conjugate a regular verb, you will need to find the stem. The infinitive of regular verbs ends in -en. The stem of these verbs is the infinitive minus -en.

This is the crude stem, because a stem often needs one or two additional adjustments:

werken (to work) --> Stem: werk
zien (to see) --> Stem: zie
lopen (to walk) --> Stem: loop
doen (to do) --> Stem: doe
graven (to dig) --> Stem: graaf

A few rules regarding the stem:

- Long vowel infinitives require long vowel stems:
maken (to make) --> Stem: maak

- A stem never ends in two identical consonants:
pakken (to take) --> Stem: pak

- A stem never ends in v or z:
graven (to dig) --> Stem: graaf
verhuizen (to move house) --> Stem: verhuis

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