English Sentence:

She keeps coughing, be careful.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

她一直在咳嗽, 小心一點。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

她一直在咳嗽, 小心一点。


ta1 yi4 zhi2 zai4 ke2 sou4, xiao3 xin1 yi4 dian3.

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Words used:


1. she 2. her

Here: she

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一直   一直

yì zhí

1. continuously 2. all along, always

Here: continuously, all along, always

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1. in, at, on 2. located at 3. at the moment (ongoing action) 4. to be, to exist 5. (an indicator of location or time)

Here: in, at, on

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咳嗽   咳嗽

ké sòu

to cough

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小心   小心

xiǎo xīn

1. Be careful! 2. to take care

Here: Be careful!

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一點   一点

yì diǎn

Mainland Pronunciation:

yī diǎn

1. a little bit 2. one o'clock

Here: a little bit

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