English Sentence:

Your job includes answering the telephone and greeting guests.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ni3 de5 gong1 zuo4 bao1 kuo4 jie1 dian4 hua4 han4 zhao1 hu1 ke4 ren2.

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Words used:

你的   你的

nǐ de

1. your 2. yours

Here: your, yours

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工作   工作

gōng zuò

1. job, work 2. to work

Here: job, work

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包括   包括

bāo kuò

to include, to involve, to consist of

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1. to receive, to pick up, to catch 2. to answer (telephone) 3. to connect, to join 4. continuously

Here: to answer (telephone)

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電話   电话

diàn huà

telephone, phone

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Mainland Pronunciation:

and, together with, with

Here: and, together with, with (Taiwan pronunciation)

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招呼   招呼

zhāo hū

to greet someone, to take care of someone

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客人   客人

kè rén

1. customer, client 2. guest, visitor

Here: customer, client

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