English Sentence:

Compared to most Asian countries, Taiwan is fairly small.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

與大部分亞洲國家相比, 臺灣相當小。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

与大部分亚洲国家相比, 台湾相当小。


yu3 da4 bu4 fen4 ya4 zhou1 guo2 jia1 xiang1 bi3, tai2 wan1 xiang1 dang1 xiao3.

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Words used:


1. with, and (conjunction) 2. to give

Here: with, and (conjunction)

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dà bù fèn

1. majority 2. mostly

Here: majority

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亞洲   亚洲

yà zhōu

Alternative Pronunciation:

yǎ zhōu

1. Asia 2. Asian

Here: Asian

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國家   国家

guó jiā

state, country, nation

Here: country, nation

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相比   相比

xiāng bǐ

compared to

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臺灣   台湾

tái wān


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相當   相当

xiāng dāng

1. fairly, quite, to a certain extent 2. equivalent to

Here: fairly, quite, to a certain extent

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1. small, little 2. few 3. young 4. minor, petty 5. briefly, for a short while 6. slightly, a little 7. (the) youngest 8. (prefix used in front of family name to indicate informality or affection) 9. (humble) my, our 10. short for primary school

Here: small, little

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