English Sentence:

Money is not important, health is more important.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

錢不重要, 健康比較重要。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

钱不重要, 健康比较重要。


qian2 bu2 zhong4 yao4, jian4 kang1 bi3 jiao4 zhong4 yao4.

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Words used:



1. money 2. Qian (Chinese surname)

Here: money

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bú zhòng yào

not important

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健康   健康

jiàn kāng

1. healthy 2. health

Here: health

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比較   比较

bǐ jiào

1. to compare, to contrast 2. more, quite 3. comparatively, relatively 4. comparison

Here: more, quite

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重要   重要

zhòng yào

1. important 2. major

Here: important

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