English Sentence:

I want to give you a birthday gift.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



wo3 yao4 song4 ni3 yi2 ge5 sheng1 ri4 li3 wu4.

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Words used:


1. I 2. me 3. my

Here: I

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1. to want, would like to 2. have to, must 3. important, vital 4. to ask for, to request 5. will, be going to (future tense)

Here: to want

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1. to deliver, to carry 2. to give as a present 3. to see off, to send 4. to escort, to provide transportation for sb

Here: to give as a present

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1. you (male) 2. your (male)

Here: you (male)

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1. one, 1 (2nd tone, used in Taiwan) 2. as soon as

Here: one, 1 (2nd tone, used in Taiwan)

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Mainland Pronunciation:

1. piece, individual 2. (a measure word for people or objects) 3. (a numerary adjunct)

Here: (a measure word for people gifts, presents)

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生日   生日

shēng rì


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禮物   礼物

lǐ wù

gift, present

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