English Sentence:

Princess Diana died in a car accident on the 31st of August, 1997.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



dai4 an1 na4 wang2 fei1 zai4 yi1 jiu3 jiu3 qi1 nian2 ba1 yue4 san1 shi2 yi1 ri4 yi1 chang3 che1 huo4 zhong1 sang4 sheng1.

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dài ān nà wáng fēi

Princess Diana (1961-1997)

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1. in, at, on 2. located at 3. at the moment (ongoing action) 4. to be, to exist 5. (an indicator of location or time)

Here: in, at, located at

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yī jiǔ jiǔ qī


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1. year 2. age, a person's age 3. Nian (Chinese surname) 4. period of life 5. annual 6. period (in history) 7. New Year

Here: year

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八月   八月

bā yuè


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sān shí yī

thirty-one, 31

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1. day 2. (formal) sun 3. Japan 4. Japanese

Here: day

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1. one, 1 2. as soon as 3. single, alone 4. each, every 5. same, identical

Here: one, 1

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1. open space, field 2. (a measure word for events, happenings, sports, wars, exams) 3. spell, period, episode 4. scene, stage

Here: (a measure word for events, happenings, sports, wars, exams)

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車禍   车祸

chē huò

traffic accident, car accident

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1. in, within 2. centre 3. central 4. middle 5. (short for China) 6. (short for Chinese) 7. in the course of, during, -ing 8. (short for high school)

Here: in, middle, within, centre, central

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喪生   丧生

sàng shēng

to die, to lose one's life

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