English Sentence:

He was very diligent in studying, and passed the exam afterwards without problems.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):

他一向很用功唸書, 後來很順利地通過考試。

Chinese Translation (Simplified):

他一向很用功念书, 后来很顺利地通过考试。


ta1 yi2 xiang4 hen3 yong4 gong1 nian4 shu1, hou4 lai2 hen3 shun4 li4 di5 tong1 guo4 kao3 shi4.

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Words used:


1. he 2. him 3. his 4. other, some other

Here: he

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一向   一向

yí xiàng

always, all the time

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very, quite

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用功   用功

yòng gōng

diligent, studious

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唸書   念书

niàn shū

1. to study 2. to attend school

Here: to study

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後來   后来

hòu lái

later on, afterwards

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very, quite

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順利   顺利

shùn lì

smoothly, without problems

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Mainland Pronunciation:


(adverbial ending)

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通過   通过

tōng guò

to pass (exam or law), to get through

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考試   考试

kǎo shì

exam, test

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