English Sentence:

Since I don't have to work tomorrow, I'll just have a good day's rest.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ming2 tian1 bu2 bi4 shang4 ban1, suo3 xing4 hao3 hao3 xiu1 xi2 yi4 tian1.

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Words used:

明天   明天

míng tiān


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不必   不必

bú bì

need not, does not have to

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上班   上班

shàng bān

to go to work, to be at work

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索性   索性

suǒ xìng

might as well, simply, just

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好好   好好

hǎo hǎo

1. well, all out, to one's heart's content 2. in perfectly good condition

Here: well, all out, to one's heart's content

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休息   休息

xiū xí

Mainland Pronunciation:

xiū xi

to have a rest, to rest

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一天   一天

yì tiān

1. one day 2. per day

Here: one day

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