English Sentence:

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



bu2 ru4 hu3 xue2, yan1 de2 hu3 zi3.

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not, no (2nd tone)

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1. to enter, to go into 2. to join, to become a member of

Here: to enter, to go into

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虎穴   虎穴

hǔ xué

1. tiger's den or cave 2. dangerous place

Here: tiger's den or cave

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[old use] 1. how, why, when 2. it 3. there, here 4. and so, so that

Here: how, why, when

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to catch, to get, to obtain

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1. son, child 2. seed, small thing 3. eleven p.m. to one a.m. (the 1st of the twelve Earthly Branches, used by the ancient Chinese to designate years, months, dates, time) 4. an honorary title 5. (a suffix for a small piece)

Here: son, child

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