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The organization did not want to make a fuss over such a trivial matter.

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Chinese Translation (Simplified):



gai1 zu3 zhi1 bu4 xiang3 wei4 zhe4 dian3 xiao3 shi4 xiao3 ti2 da4 zuo4.

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1. should 2. that, the above-mentioned

Here: that, the above-mentioned

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組織   组织

zǔ zhī

1. organization, organized system 2. to organize 3. tissue (cells)

Here: organization, organized system

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not, no (4th tone)

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1. to think, to suppose, to wonder 2. to want, would like to 3. to miss

Here: to want, would like to

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1. because of 2. for, in order to

Here: because of

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1. this 2. these 3. such

Here: this

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1. to order (food in a restaurant), to choose 2. o'clock 3. some, a little bit 4. point, spot, drop 5. (a measure word for aspect, item) 6. to light, to kindle 7. to click 8. to check, to count 9. snack 10. to touch briefly 11. to nod

Here: a little bit

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小事   小事

xiǎo shì

trivial matter, small thing

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xiǎo tí dà zuò

[disapproving] to make much ado about nothing, to make a fuss over a trifle

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