English Sentence:

It was mind-blowing to think that we had won twenty seven Olympics gold medals.

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



xiang3 dao4 wo3 men5 neng2 ying2 de2 er4 shi2 qi1 mian4 ao4 yun4 jin1 pai2, qing2 xu4 jiu4 shi2 fen1 ji1 dong4.

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Words used:

想到   想到

xiǎng dào

to think of

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我們   我们

wǒ men

1. we 2. our 3. us

Here: we

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1. can, could 2. to be able to 3. ability, capability 4. energy

Here: can, could

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贏得   赢得

yíng dé

to win, to gain

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èr shí qī

twenty seven, 27

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1. face 2. surface 3. (a measure word for flat surfaces such as walls, mirrors, flags, medals) 4. aspect 5. personally, directly, face to face 6. side 7. entire area

Here: (a measure word for flat surfaces such as walls, mirrors, flags, medals, etc)

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奧運   奥运

ào yùn


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金牌   金牌

jīn pái

gold medal

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情緒   情绪

qíng xù

feelings, sentiments, mood

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1. then, just, right away 2. to approach, to move towards 3. to accomplish, to undertake, to engage in

Here: then, just, right away

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十分   十分

shí fēn

1. very, utterly, absolutely, extremely 2. fully, completely, perfectly 3. ten cents, 10c

Here: very, utterly, absolutely, rather

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激動   激动

jī dòng

excited, worked up, to move emotionally

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