English Sentence:

What do you like to do usually?

Chinese Translation (Traditional):


Chinese Translation (Simplified):



ni3 ping2 chang2 xi3 huan1 zuo4 shen2 me5?

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Words used:


1. you (male) 2. your (male)

Here: you (male)

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平常   平常

píng cháng

1. ordinary, common 2. usually, normally

Here: usually, normally

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喜歡   喜欢

xǐ huān

to like sth, to be fond of

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1. to make, to produce 2. to do, to work, to engage in 3. to be, to become 4. to serve as, to be used for 5. to pretend, to feign, to put on appearance

Here: to do

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什麼   什么

shé me

Alternative Pronunciation:

shén me

1. what 2. anything, something

Here: what

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